2020-05-20 Rheoliadau Darparwyr Newyddion

Press Release
From the National Communications Council

 Communications Council Announces New Regulations Needed for News Platforms

The National Communications Council, a body established to develop regulations needed for broadcasting in Wales, has today announced four new regulations needed for all news providers, that broadcast or publish in Wales.

Since its inception last August, the Council has been working on developing a new broadcasting and publishing code that suits the cultural and political needs of Wales, as well as protecting the fundamental rights of its residents, upholding standards and ensuring fairness.

According to the Communications Council, the current period of lockdown due to Covid-19 has clearly demonstrated, yet again, the shortcomings and ignorance in the British media about the existence of Wales as a nation as well as political devolution.

The Communications Council has announced that these regulations, that would ensure that the people of Wales receives the correct information, are needed as a matter of urgency for the health and safety of the people of Wales, as well as for the health and development of its democracy.

The regulations would apply to those who broadcast news in Wales, on television, radio and in the printed press and their respective websites.

The four regulations, briefly, include*:

  1. News broadcasters must make it clear to their listeners and viewers of the law as it stands in Wales
  2. News of current affairs in the other four nations of the British Isles must not give one of the countries more attention than the others
  3. International news must not give the English-speaking nations of the world more attention than other countries of the world
  4. Any news from Westminster must be matched with news, on the same subject, as it stands in our democratic institutions – be it in the Senedd or in our Local Authorities or in our Community Councils.

A spokesperson for the Council said:

“The regulations, as they are, have failed Wales. The need to reform these regulations has always been obvious, and has been highlighted further during this pandemic. Without these, and further changes, our democracy fails.

We are therefore calling on our Government and our Senedd to move on these regulations as a matter of urgency. It is very likely that we would need to devolve broadcasting powers to Wales in order to achieve these. We need to move quickly. It needs to be done and it needs to be done now.”


*Note to Editor: please see full wording of regulations and their purposes attached below:

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