The Bwrdd (Board)

Ten members were nominated to the Bwrdd in 2019/2020. The nominating process happens every July-August.

Members of the Bwrdd

  • Angharad Mair – Angharad Mair is one of the directors of the international television company Tinopolis, she is a presenter, a producer and senior producer. She is also an athlete.
  • Nia Ceidiog – Nia Ceidiog is the establisher of the television production company Ceidiog.  She is a presenter, producer, senior producer and television director. She has also recently taken up weight lifting.
  • Marc Webber – Marc Webber has extensive experience as a radio commentator and as a multi-platform video editor. He is also an experienced columnist and correspondent. He is a senior lecturer in journalism at the University of Northampton.
  • Phil Stead – Phil Stead’s experience is mainly in the digital field. He specialises in developing digital strategies and since 2012 has been the Digital Director of Cwmni Da.
  • Euros Lewis – Founder of production company Wes Glei, director, producer, author and script writer. Musician.
  • Eifion Glyn – Journalist. One of the founders of the Sunday paper ‘Sulyn’. Having worked for BBC and Radio Cymru before spending most of his career working for HTV and ITV Wales as a journalist and executive producer for current affairs program ‘Y Byd ar Bedwar’.
  • Rhisiart Arwel – Producer and senior producer of HTV Wales’ entertainment division, later to become producer and senior producer at Radio Cymru. Freelance producer and director, preparing documentaries and drama. Has managed marketing campaigns for S4C and has been a professional musician.
  • Owain Gwilym – Digital content manager and music composer. Works as a digital content developer and commissioner.
  • Alun Jones Williams – Student at Aberystwyth. A bassist in the folk-rock band Bwncath.
  • Gary Pritchard – Football commentator, founder of the sports section for the BBC Cymru’r Byd website. One of the Sgorio team (Ffilmiau’r Nant) where he produced the digital elements and reported on the Welsh national team games. Now a member of Rondo’s factual department and one of the producers of Cynefin (S4C). Member of Beaumaris Band.